"Reconciling Lives to God Through the Word of God"
2 Cor. 5:18

I have finished my course work toward my D. Min. from Perkins School of Theology and my degree was awarded in May
2016.  My doctoral thesis  has been forwarded for publication.  The topic is: Yahweh's Feasts, Harvests, and Hebraic
Customs: A Module for Missional Evangelism and Discipleship.  It engages in a conversation about the eschatology
embedded in the Hebraic Feasts and Harvests.  It incorporates my "Feast-Based Rapture Renewal Module™" (f/k/a The
Hebraic Rapture Renewal Module™") entitled: Yahweh's Feast and Harvest Rapture Module. In a nutshell it is summarized
as follows:   

I believe that the Hebraic Feasts are for all of the LORD's people (Jew and Gentile) and through the study of the same are
revealed some riveting truths about eschatology, which means the days to come and end-times. The first three spring
feasts, which are the Feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits have all been fulfilled by Jesus Christ!

On Passover, He was crucified as the sinless lamb, the Son of God; on Unleavened Bread He was buried, and on First
Fruits, which Believers celebrate as  Resurrection Sunday (Easter), He arose from the dead.  - All of these events occurred
during Jesus' First Coming!   

Then on the Feast of Pentecost the Church was birthed as penned in Acts 2. I believe this represents the "Church Age" in
which we are living.  However, I believe that  these days will soon come to a close and the last three fall Feasts will also be
fulfilled by Jesus Christ - but initially not at His Second Coming but rather, as a sign or warning that His Second Coming is
approaching!!  There will then be an interim event, Daniel's Seventh Week, which is identified in the Book of the Revelation
as the seven year Tribulation Period.  It will be preceded by the snatching away of a group of Believers that I refer to as "the
Barley Harvest" in my thesis. Mid-way through Daniel's Seventieth Week a second group of Believers will be harvested. They
are called "the Wheat Harvest." Finally, at the end of Jacob's Trouble (which is the last three and one-half years of Daniel's
Seventieth Week) the last harvest of souls will take place. This will be the Grape Harvest, souls destined for Hell. Believers
saved in this  time period are the Tribulation Saints.  Thus the last three  feasts will culminate during the Second Advent of
Christ, which will be initiated by the rapture of the "true" Church and they cycle will be completed at the final Great White
Throne Judgment. *There are many other details to my theory that have been omitted here for the sake of brevity.
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Speaking of the Most High, the
Almighty,  and those who dwell in His
shelter and rest in His shadow for
safety, Psalm 91:3-7 states in relevant
part that surely He will save you from  
deadly pestilence and you will not fear
the pestilence that stalks in the
darkness nor the plague that destroys
at midday. A thousand may fall at your
side, ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you!
If you have not already done so, I urge
you, seek refuge in the family of Jesus
Christ, the Most High God!
           ©2014. Beverly C. Duréus
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